Apollo Belvedere Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue
c. 350 to 325 B.C., Vatican Museum, Rome
This famous classic bronze statue, was discovered in ruins of Pompey's theater near Rome in the late 1400's, and believed to be a Roman copy of the Greek sculptor, Leochares' original bronze statue. Once in the private collection of Pope Julius II, it was moved to the Vatican in 1509 and placed in the Cortile del Belvedere, from which it derives its name. Our bronze Apollo statue is rife with fine detail from the draped robe (chlamys) to the sandaled feet. This 19th century French Bronze fully restored rendition of Apollo, has just overtaken the serpent Python, and just released an arrow from his bow. The effort impressed on his musculature still lingers. Apollo represents harmony, order, and reason and was considered the greatest ancient sculpture and for centuries epitomized ideals of aesthetic perfection for Europeans and westernized parts of the world. This weighty Design Toscano bronze sculpture is handrubbed in a multi-toned finish to showcase the finely muscled body of this classic statue of male beauty. Set atop a solid marble base, this rendition is timeless.

12"Wx7"Dx23"H. 22 lbs.