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Greek Kopis/Falcata Battle Sword
c. 300 B.C.
The famed Kopis sword is said to be the weapon preferred by the famous Macedonian warrior general, Alexander the Great. The word "Kopis" is derived from the Greek verb "Kopto," meaning "to cut," and this is indeed a fitting name, for the Kopis Falcata is clearly the ultimate chopping sword. Many ancient depictions of the Kopis sword show it being used with a devastating, downward chopping blow. The distinctive wrap-around grip helps keep the sword from being pulled out of one s hand as a result of the outward inertia produced by such a blade-heavy weapon. Our historic Kopis sword reproduction features a mid-size, hand-forged fullered blade of high carbon steel, tempered for strength and meticulously polished to a superb finish. The distinctive handle boasts polished buffalo horn scales riveted to a full-profile tang with steel spacers and tip. Complete with leather scabbard featuring shoulder straps that can be tied at the desired length. Hand-crafted by the famed metalsmiths at Windlass Steelcrafts.

Overall: 21" Blade: 14¾"Lx2½"W. 3/16" thick. 1 lb./7 oz.
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