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Nike of Samothrace Statue
190 BCE, Hellenistic period, Daru Staircase, Louvre, Paris
The showcase of the Louvre still thrills viewers today as Nike, Winged Victory, presides over its grand staircase. This 19th-century, scaled museum rendition of the goddess Nike with wings spread as she landed on the prow of a ship is thought to be announcing the Rhodian naval victory over Antiochos III. One of the world's most recognizable sculptural images, our estate-sized rendition is cast directly from a 19th-century original in art-grade resin.

25½"Wx20"Dx40½"H. 30 lbs.
Nike of Samothrace Statue
Was: $329.00
Now: $299.00
Oversized: $9.00 + standard shipping and handling charges apply
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It's awesome, but the head was missing. Love it, looks great! But the next version needs head. April 7, 2014
Stunning. Well crafted, easy to assemble, safely packaged. She's simply elegant. Stunning. Well crafted, she mirrors the one in The Louve very well. Easy to assemble, greatly packaged. I'm extremely pleased with the purchase and will purchase from Design Toscano again. January 1, 2014
great value It doesn't have all the detail of the original or the exact shape, but you can't go wrong at this price point. No one notices that it's 2 pieces unless I tell them. The 2 pieces join at a location that makes it look like part of the design. July 28, 2013
Lovely focal point of garden.... People walking past the house always say they really like it. Is in the center of a flower bed and looks like the real thing. Comes in 2 pieces , easy to move , but sometimes seam shows just slightly . Finish has held up but I put it away for winter. September 20, 2012
Lost Excitement ... Toscano has a good reason to catalog this status in the ���Garden Status��� group. The goddess Nike is wearing a long tunic (chiton) that billows over her chest, stomach, left thigh and leg. The tunic is held by a belt hidden over the hips and a second belt beneath the breast. In addition to the tunic, Nike has a deeply carved himation (cloak) over her right thigh, between the striding legs and around her hips. The ���excitement��� of this sculpture is the virtuosity of portraying the flowing lines (drapery) of the tunic and the himation over the goddess Nike���s body. The tunic over the stomach and the left thigh is with the wrinkles that seem to skim over the skin underneath. The tunic is bunched in narrow folds on the sides, while the front of the left leg is carved with surface incisions to create an effect of light fabric drapery. The sophistication is the inside of the himation distinguishable from the outside. The himation covers the right hip and leg half-way down. The himation has swept open, with a fold streaming out behind the figure, so that we see the inside of the himation. The unfastened himation is held against the Victory's body by the sheer force of the wind. You can easily find the high resolution pictures of Nike on the internet that reveal the details described above. Unfortunately this Toscano ���Garden Status��� rendition has lost all these details - especially over the chest, stomach, both left and right thighs and legs. In additional, Toscano���s Nike has added a small section of left arm and that is different from the original sculpture on display at Mus��e du Louvre in Paris (both arms are missing). Toscano���s Nike also comes with two separate parts ��� the division line is just below the tunic belt beneath the breast. The division line or gap is visible no matter how well you have matched the upper and lower parts together. This is a nice 30-pound amateur���s attempt on Nike if the price is right and the placement is in the garden. April 6, 2012
Great Quality and Beauty... This statue was a Christmas gift to our Son.. Upon opening;he was astonished to see the excellent quality and beauty of this statue.. Needless to say his Christmas gift was an awesome surprise.. Thank you... December 29, 2011
I saw this statue in the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Chicago and I needed to find a copy of it for myself. My brother sent me your link and I now have one in my den. The quality is great Thanks. January 10, 2011
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