Frog Gutter Guardian Downspout Sculpture
With wide-open mouth to steer water from your downspouts onto your lawn (and keep it from damaging your foundation), our frog gutter sculpture splashs happily as some of the most decorative architectural art we've seen! Cast in quality designer resin to capture playful sculptural detail, from scaly skin to wide eyes, this Design Toscano exclusive Frog statue is as fun as it is functional. (Fits standard rectangular downspouts up to 2½"x3")

9½"Wx6"Dx7"H. 5 lbs.

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Frog Gutter Guardian Downspout Sculpture
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Too Small for Standard Downspout Mixed reviews on this... sorry. The good: it's adorable, heavy enough that it should stay in place, and I love the wide opened mouth where the water comes out. The bad: the opening where the downspout is supposed to fit inside is too small. We had to get a plastic flexible downspout extension (that was also too big for the opening in the frog) so we could cut all around the end, scrunch the cut pieces together, and secure with white duct tape in order for it to be small enough to fit inside the frog. We could have tried to cut the original downspout the same way but it's metal and wasn't as flexible (and even if it HAD fit the original downspout, the position of it would have made the frog stick up in the air instead of allowing "him" to sit on the ground). It should work the way we fixed it (see photo), but we only gave it two stars because we shouldn't have to retrofit things we buy. It's supposed to be made for downspouts but evidently no one measured a standard downspout when they designed it or thought about the position of the opening with relation to how a frog sits on the ground! March 22, 2014
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