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Frog in the Reeds Spitting Bronze Garden Statue
The tall, slim marsh lily pads on this high-quality garden bronze statue are the perfect garden perch for our verdigris bronze, spitting frog. In this slice of nature, cascading water is caught mid-air, adeptly shot from the mouth of our quality bronze piped frog statue. Whether you choose to position this fine sculpture amidst tall grasses, in a garden pond, or as a focal point in your water garden, its patina will mellow with the elements, adding new depth to its beauty with each passing season. Our weighty bronze frog sculpture is cast in the traditional lost-wax method, highlighting every detail and guaranteeing lasting beauty. Piped to optionally cascade flowing water from the frog's mouth into your pond or fountain. Accommodates Pump Kit DR-290.

42"H. 40 lbs.
This item will ship direct from the vendor. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.