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Child's Play Stacked Children Spitting Bronze Garden Statue
Cast in the traditional lost wax bronze method and piped for optional pond or fountain use
Capturing the idyllic spirit of childhood play, our bronze child statue is a charming year-round reminder of "fun in the sun" for any pond, fountain or garden. Giggling and sitting astride each other's shoulders, these three playmates evoke memories of summer's giddy madness. Because our Design Toscano-exclusive heavyweight masterpiece is cast using the age-old lost wax bronze method, it will continue to gain character as its patina mellows with time. Piped to optionally cascade flowing water from the top child's mouth into your pond or fountain. Accommodates Pump Kit DR-400. Color patina is applied by hand one piece at a time, tone may vary slightly.

Medium: 7"Wx8½"Dx25½"H. 19 lbs.
Large: 10½"Wx11"Dx32"H. 33 lbs.