Art Deco

Sensuous and striking, Design Toscano's Art Deco collection is filled with dramatic, one-of-a-kind pieces to accentuate your home's contemporary decor. We have lamps and mirrors inspired by Parisian originals, and stunning framed replicas of masterpieces that comprise the most prized art from the past century!

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The Peacock Goddess Torchiere Floor Lamp
Mademoiselle Modele Art Deco Statue: Large
Peacock's Plume Illuminated Sculpture
The Chrysler Building, New York Skyscraper Metal Wall Frieze
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Art Deco Wall Mirrors: Set of Dragonfly & Lady of the Lake
Art Deco Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp
Sunburst and Fan Dancer Art Deco Dancer Sculpture
The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture
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"Juturna, Roman Water Goddess of Fountains, Wells and Springs" Statue
"The Peacock Goddess" Torchiere Tabletop Lamp
Chained Bondage Art Deco Statue
Goddess of the Stars Art Deco Illuminated Sculpture