Egyptian statues have been popular for more than five thousand years. Explore our Egyptian treasure troves for historic statues of ancient Egyptian dieties: Anubis, Horus, Sekhmet, Bastet, Serqet, Osiris and the royal scarab are some of the most popular. The art of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs adorns our King Tutankhamen Sarcophagus statuary, our Luxor Palace home theater and entertainment furniture, and our Palace of Ramses wall decor. Evoke the rich mystery of ancient Egypt with our exclusive Egyptian decor, hand-crafted and painted in an elegantly historic, muted Egyptian palette for your own ancient palace or modern home theater.

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Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise
$1,999.00 SALE $1,699.00
Golden Pedestal of the Egyptian Kings Sculptural Column
The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis Sculpture
Egyptian Temple Sculptural Wall Pediment
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Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console
Wings of Isis Egyptian Revival Sculptural Clock
Gods of the Egyptian Realm Statues
Servant to the Pharaoh Glass-Topped Console Table
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"Cleopatra Astride the Great Sphinx" Statue
Stones of Isis Contemporary Egyptian Necklace and Earring Ensemble
Egyptian Urn Carrier Maidens Sculptural Vase
Wings of Horus Egyptian Altar Side Table