Medieval Dragon Statues, Mythical Dragon Beasts of Gothic Legend, Asian Dragon Statues
and Dragon Wall Sculptures

In sculpture, dragons statues are often depicted with the scaly body of a large Medieval beast or Gothic serpent, sometimes featuring monstrous bat-like wings and also, at times, the perceived ability to breathe fire, like our Dragon Nemesis of Culumber Castle, or our Fire Breathing Dragon Iron. Winged Gothic dragon statues give form to the myths found in Western Medieval European lore, where dragons live in protected lairs, such as caves, and are seen as malevolent creatures of the earth. With fanged teeth, as modeled by our Stoker�s Moors Dragon Skull Statue, dragon statues epitomize a menacing prowler throughout thousands of years of medieval fantasy and gothic mythology, representing Gothic evil in combat with the good Medieval knight.

Prominently featured in the myths of many Asian and medieval European cultures, dragons are more than just fire-breathing creatures from Gothic legend: They also hold spiritual and cultural significance the world over. Traced back to its Greek origins, the word �drakon� refers to the dragon�s serpentine and reptilian characteristics, hallmarks we still see emulated today in sculpture and pictorial representations of dragons. Throughout history, the dragon has been captured in numerous art forms, from statues to paintings, and at Design Toscano its mythical qualities have been borrowed upon even to create sculptural Gothic furniture art like the Warwickshire Dragon Coffee Table.

The snake-like dragon depicted in modern sculpture is derived from legends of the Far East. In many Asian cultures, dragon imagery often represents the spiritual forces of the universe, purporting the mythical beasts to possess an ancient magic that grants them supreme wisdom and power. Unlike their Western, Medieval counterparts, Chinese dragons are represented as kind, intelligent creatures and statues and artwork honoring these qualities, such as our Tibetan Sculptural Wall Mask and Benevolent Asian Garden Dragon, are a common sight in China.

Because dragons are also believed to have the power to shape- shift, here at Toscano we've worked together with our skilled artists to depict dragon sculptures in their many different incarnations and roles. For a truly menacing interpretation based on the Gothic European style, our Warsin Dragon Statue brings to mind the ancient battle of Medieval knights versus dragons. In honor of the noble dragons that guarded royal castle moats, we�ve sculpted the Dragon of Falkenberg Castle complete with scales, wings and a treacherous tail.

Whether you�re looking to honor the ancient spirit of the dragons found in Asian myth or you're more drawn to the legendary power and ferocity of Medieval dragons, Design Toscano offers more than 350 Gothic Dragon statues from which to choose.

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