Sandra Lira

Although Sandra Lira considers herself primarily a sculptor, her award winning work also branches into jewelry design and painting. She is a classically trained artist, recognized by her medieval and gothic collections in fired clay, bronze, precious metals and resin.

Sandra Lira has enjoyed sculpting since early childhood, when classic science fiction films and other fanstasy and horror themes fascinated her. She went on to study at Syracuse University, Hartford Art School and the Lyme Academy of Fine Art. Her main subject matter is figurative gargoyles, dragons and other mystic creatures. Lira brings a contemporary feel to a classic theme in her limited editions, commissioned work and private collections worldwide. Drawing inspiration everywhere from ancient Greek sculptures to Scythian gold work, Lira finds inventing the subject the most fascinating.

Sandra Lira says her creative process starts as an idea or emotion, and a sculptural metaphor becomes an image in her head, eventually being tangibly cast. Her mediums vary from oil-based clay, polymer clay, or wax depending on what the final work will be and its size.

Sandra Lira has also won science fiction art accolades, several Chelsey awards, in three-dimensional art for her resin pieces. She continues to produce fascinating and hauntingly beautiful creations, such as Draga, the Gargoyle Vampire, that pay respect to past masters and also inspire future artists.

Draga the Gargoyle Vampire
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