Renato Casaro

Renato Casaro was born in 1935 in Treviso/Northern Italy. At the age of 17 first commissions for cinema-decoration in change for free tickets. At the age of 19 moving to Rome - 1 year of work as voluntary at Studio Favalli. At the age of 21 opening of his own studio in Rome becoming the youngest movie-painter in Italy. First commissioned poster for the German movie TWO BLUE EYES. His first international success with the worldwide used keyart for Dino de Laurentiis. THE BIBLE and first billboard on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard. In the following years working with the big names of the movie-scene: Leone, Lelouch, Coppola, Petersen, Bertolucci, Rosi, Besson and the Studios in LA. From 1979 numerous exhibitions and awards like ?Best keyart? 1988 in US for THE LAST EMPEROR or in 1991 for DANCES WITH WOLVES, just to name a few. In 1985 he received an invitation to lecture ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN, Rome/Italy 1988 Honorary citizen of his home town Treviso/Italy and holder of the medal TOTILA 1988 Honorary member of the Advertising-Association, Venice/Italy 1992 Holder of the Medal ?The iron mask? of the city of Turin-Pinerolo/Italy for 30 years of life for movies?. Since 1988 first paintings of his cycle PAINTED MOVIES including INVITATION, 100 YEARS OF FILM, PARADISE VIEW. Since 1985 regularly educational trips in Americas West on horseback for the cycle GOING WEST and to african countries as to study African Wildlife for his Cycle AFRICAN IMPRESSIONS.

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