Ray Campbell

Born in Surrey, England, in 1956, Ray Campbell discovered a natural ability and interest in art whilst attending the local High School. After experimenting with various media, from pottery to pen and ink, he finally chose oils. Painting seriously from 1975, it was not until 1978 that Ray Campbell was able to travel extensively throughout the UK and Europe. Thus his career began to take shape. He studied the 19th century masters intensively, in particular the Dutch painters whose style was greatly to influence his own. Whilst undergoing this rigorous self-imposed training, Ray Campbell supported himself by working in such occupations as grave-digger and fishmonger; his determination to paint never faltering. Soon his style of painting developed and he became so well known and his work so sought after that paintings by him, usually featuring either still lifes or children?s nursery scenes, can be seen in galleries all over the world. Ray Campbell is also a knowledgeable collector of period furniture, porcelain and antique toys and he is also an authority on antique glass.

SOURCE: "Raymond Campbell"

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