Paul Colin (1892-1985)

Paul Colin was a French poster artist who is known less for his art and more for his relationship with the entertainer Josephine Baker. Colin designed the poster for Baker s La Revue Ngre that launched her career and his career in poster design. Colin designed more than 1,000 posters and hundreds of stage sets during his career, mostly for Baker.Colin s style was very much Art Deco in the beginning but became impossible to categorize due to the personal nature of his posters and their emotional appeal on a grand scale. Posters such as Vichy prove that Colin was a true master of visual communication. Colin created posters in color as well as in black and white. His posters covered themes from the performing arts, such as theatre, art and dance, to advertisements, to posters created that supported worthy causes. Colin also illustrated Baker s memoirs that were published in 1927.

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