Palo Bartolomei

Palo Bartolomei began his journey into artistry by learning the time-honored skills of the Florentine fashion industry. He has since taken that knowledge and condensed it into a craft and gift item. This Italian designer now exclusively designs trendy and collectible watches for Design Toscano.

What makes Palo Bartolomei s watches so contemporary and fashionable is that he pays tribute to famous artists with each timepiece. Eminent works of art, like Michelangelo s Creation, or DaVinci s Vitruvian Man, can now be viewed in miniature and detailed form.

These colorful and admired watches appeal to all walks of life, whether your tastes lean towards the Renaissance masters or contemporary artists. There is something for everybody in Palo Bartolomei s practical tools that are also admired works of art.

Bartolomei has masterfully taken traditional images and updated them for modern times with his limited edition quartz watches, which include The Maurin Devil and the Eye of Horus.

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