Myron (480-445 B.C.)

Greek sculptor Myron lived in the 5th century B.C. and he sculpted mainly in bronze, producing a greater variety of poses in sculpture that had yet to be seen. Myron sculptures included statues of athletes, heroes, gods and animals. Movement, life and dynamic balance defined his sculptures.Myron s delicate handling of balance and movement makes sculptures like Discobolos appear that he will throw his discus at the exact moment he comes into the viewer s sight. The face of the discus thrower remains calm while all the muscles in his body are tense in effort, showing Myron s devotion to detail, but perhaps lacking in emotion. Myron s sculptures of athletes, his primary focus, were revolutionary. Early Imperial Roman writers heralded Myron as one of the greatest Greek sculptors and his reputation has remained steady through history.

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