Michael Parkes (b. 1944)

American artist Michael Parkes specializes in the magical realism style of fantasy painting and stone lithography. His style is essentially realistic, but the subject matters are magical, mythological and dreamlike. Parkes s paintings are meticulously thought-out, detailed images springing from his imaginative soul. After formally studying art at the University of Kansas, Parkes gave it up for a period of time and went to India in a quest for philosophical illumination. The tantric wisdom and esoteric philosophies of the East inspired Parkes, and now these concepts are personified in the images of Parkes s magical paintings. His paintings feature strange beasts and fairy-esque women fighting in the ultimate battle of good versus evil. His paintings often depict fantastic animals, celestial beings, moons, stars, and sinister and grotesque beasts.Above all, Parkes s paintings are pursuits of impossible beauty, as can be seen in the women featured in paintings like Dawn and Gargoyles. Although his paintings are rooted in the magical dream world, the realistic style ensures his artistic conviction.

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