Lluís Ribas

Lluís Ribas was born in the village of Masnou (Barcelona, Spain) on December 28, 1948. Masnou is a coastal community approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the capital city of Barcelona. At that time, it was a large, active maratime community. Lluís Ribas, the son of a fisherman, spent hours on the beach tracing his first drawings in the sand of the beach of Masnou. His mother dreamed of a life for him that would be less difficult than that of a fisherman. She encouraged him to see the beauty of things that were seemingly insignificant such as one could see in geraniums bathed in the warm Mediterranean sun of the patio of their home.When he began public school, Lluís Ribas was rewarded not so much for mathematics but rather for his great drawing ability. At nine years of age, under the guidance and direction of artist Jose Maria Martinez, Mr. Ribas entered the world of painting. Later he studied at the Massana (High) School of Barcelona, Spain, which at that time was directed by Luis Maria Guell. There he completed his studies in advertising. Among his many distinguished professors were Professors Nel.lo, Noe and Parramon. In 1969, Lluís Ribas married Magda Busquets. They have two sons, Lluís born in 1977 and David in 1980.

From 1969-1974 he was involved in a number of creative professional activities including: direction of foto-novels; technical direction of comic magazines; work as an illustrator; photographic reports; and graphic design. All of this work was in the international artistic agency, S.I. Artists, directed by J. Toutain.

The death of his mother in 1975 brought him to the sudden realization that his relatively extended period of youth had come to an end. He immediately felt his adult responsibilities, and he returned to his true passion, painting, to which he has, since that time, exclusively dedicated his life.

Up to 2004, Mr. Ribas has presented his works at 88 individual expositions and participated in numerous collective shows. He has participated in a number of art fairs, including: InterArte (Valencia, Spain), Arco (Madrid, Spain), EuropArt (Geneva, Switzerland), Broncanters and Galeristes (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), EuroAntica (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), ArtExpo (Barcelona, Spain).

Nine books about his works have been published. They are: Lluís Ribas by Francesc Gali; Lluís Ribas, India: Luz y Color (Light and Color), by Francesc Gali; Lluís Ribas by Josep Maria Cadena; Lluís Ribas, by J. Llop S.; Lluís Ribas Morrocco by Lluís Ribas (Collection, Mini Gal Art); Lluís Ribas 25 aos; Lluís Ribas 96 Notas; Lluís Ribas Mediterrnia.

He has not participated in artistic competitions since 1977.

His works now are a part of important private art collections in Europe, the United States, Japan, and Canada.

He is represented in various encyclopedias of contemporary art including: Guia de Arte (The Guide to Art); Diccionario Enciclopedico Rafols (Rafols Diccionary Encyclopedia); Enciclopedia Pintores Catalanes (Encyclopedia of Catalan Artists); Arte Espanol (Spanish Art); Annuaire de l'Arte International (Annual of International Art); Enciclopedia de Artistes Contemporaneos (Encyclopedia of Contemporary Artists).

In 1995, Mr. Ribas inaugurated his own art galeria en Sant Cugat del Valles, the Espai Lluís Ribas (Lluís Ribas's Space), where he has created a club of friends of art. The Espai Lluís Ribas initiates diverse cultural activities and provides a place where his work can be viewed and admired.

In 1998, the prestigious firm Wally Findlay Galleries became interested in his work and in that same year signed an exclusive contract with Mr. Ribas to come to the United States where he can show his works in the various art studious of the Wally Findlay Galleries.

Lluís Ribas lives in Sant Cugat del Valles (near Barcelona, Spain), has a studio in Alt Empord (near Girona, Spain) and spends considerable time painting on the island of Palma de Mallorca in the Baleric Islands, where he has a home and studio. It is here that the warm light of the Mediterrean Sea is a source of inspiration for his paintings.

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