Linda Joyce Franks< br>
Artist Linda Joyce Franks is a contemporary figurative painter and graphic designer who creates imagery from the darker regions of the realm of the fantastical. Drawn to melancholy literary heroines and lusty pagan themes she delves into the subconscious, occult mind to find beauty in its depths.

Born in 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, inspired at a very early age by the whimsical cartoons drawn for her by her father, Linda has considered herself an artist for most of her life. Linda has sought some formal fine art academic training at the university level but has advanced mostly by way of independent study and experimentation. Her professional background is in design - the pursuit of which has occupied a better part of her adult life. While she has spent many years in the study and drawing of the human figure, it is only within the past 6 years that she has taken up oil painting as a serious discipline. Linda enjoys exploring allegorical, literary and esoteric themes in her work, many inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Other influences include DaVinci, Degas, Gustav Klimt, Jean Delville, William Bouguereau, John William Waterhouse and Alphonse Mucha. She currently lives in New Orleans.

Franks has said: "Illusion is familiar terrain to the artist, creating the impression of existence through image-giving dimension to the dimensionless idea. Depth appears on a flat surface. That which mimics the fullness of form begs to be embraced. The canvas becomes a mirror of the soul casting a window into an alternate reality—pulling us through into dimensions of new possibilities. Art is a visceral experience."

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