Jenness Cortez (b. 1944)

Distinguished American artist Jenness Cortez is a prolific painter of horses. An extraordinary draftsman, Cortez s sporting paintings and landscapes depict nature as a manifestation of the divine and are sensitive, passionate, moving paintings in contemporary realism.

Cortez was born in Frankfurt, Indiana and began formally studying art when she was sixteen years old, under the tutelage of Antonius Raemaekers, a noted Dutch painter. Since 1977, Cortez has received acclaim for her masterful depiction of horses and sporting paintings, which include Arabians After a Storm, Companions and Board of Directors, a satirical take on modern society.

Cortez paints in the Realist style, her dynamic paintings treat light and space with a smooth style, which allows the viewer to catch every detail. Everyday scenes become extraordinary when Cortez paints. Her paintings encourage slowing down and appreciating the short, beautiful moments that intersperse hectic modern life.

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