James Tissot (1836-1902)

French painter James Tissot was known for his paintings of charming, Parisian women. Tissot departed from the reigning Medieval-Romantic style and began painting in marketable style ladies wearing contemporary, exotic and historical costumes, such as in The Ball.

While living in London in the 1870s, Tissot s paintings of aristocratic society, such as in The Garden Party, gained popularity in the middle-class culture due to being printed in Vanity Fair. He also painted genre scenes and portraits, including Portrait of a Gentleman and Young Woman Looking in a Boat.

Tissot even painted spiritual paintings, and received large accolades for their factual accuracy, which he achieved from firsthand studies and sketches of the Holy Land. His Bible Illustrations and spiritual scenes favored accuracy and realism over religious emotion, a technique far removed from the conventional style of depicting sacred images.

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