Jack Vettriano (b. 1953)

Scottish painter Jack Vettriano s first job was as a mining engineer in the coalfields of Scotland. He began painting in his spare time only as a hobby, but soon realized his natural artistic talent, and left the coalfields to paint full-time in 1988. Despite lacking formal training, Vettriano s paintings have been exhibited successfully worldwide.

Vettriano s paintings, such as The Billy Boys, conjure up stories of betrayal and seduction, deftly painted in the American realist style as well as wit hints of the Scottish Colorist tradition. Vettriano s big break came in 1988 when his displayed his paintings at the Royal Scottish Academy.

Vettriano s paintings, such as Waltzers and Dance Me to the End of Love, are reminiscent of the film noir genre and often depict romantic situations and nude figures. His most popular work, The Singing Butler, has been sold as posters and postcards more than any other painting in the United Kingdom. Vettriano s paintings are sought after because of their figures being placed in a unique narrative context, such as the solitary female subject featured in In Thoughts of You, or the lovers in Lazy Hazy Days.

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