Hector Giacomelli (1822-1904)

The painter in watercolours, draughtsman and engraver Hector Giacomelli was the son of a professor of Italian song. He was a draftsman for the jewellery and the jewellery, of 1844 to 1854. Obliged to withdraw himself in the countryside following a painful disease, he was impassioned for the insects, the birds and the flowers. Giacomelli obtained two medals with the World Fair of Vienna, in 1873. Giacomelli had met Zola at Hachette, in 1865. Their common admiration for Michelet, of the tastes, the relations and the identical friendships, made that they preserved bonds of reciprocal regard.

SOURCE: Centers studies of the 19th French century Joseph Sabl "Giacomelli, Hector 2001 .

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