Giovanni Paolo Panini (1691-1765)

Giovanni Paolo Panini, Italian painter and architect, is mainly known for being a view painter, but also painted portraits, frescoes and stage designs. Panini remains best-known for his paintings depicting grandiose views of Rome and her antiquities. He even painted decorative frescoes for the pope, securing his place in Roman and Art History.

Panini first trained as a stage designer in his hometown of Piacenza in Italy, but moved to Rome to study figure drawing. He soon found his niche in decorations and vedute paintings. Panini s paintings were unique and pleasing, especially among tourists.

Views of Modern Rome, displays Panini s bold assuredness in figure and architectural placement. The precise draftsmanship of Panini paintings was not only a lively commentary on contemporary events and society, but also an influence on other artists to come.

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