Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)

Frank Lloyd Wright houses reflect the notion that Wright was one of the most influential architects of his time, and at the least, America s most famous. His style remains unique and his extraordinary career spanned seven decades, influencing the whole of American architecture.

Born in rural Wisconsin, Wright was brought up with strong Unitarian and Transcendental beliefs. Even in Kindergarten, young Wright showed an affinity towards different geometric shapes that could be combined to create one-of-a-kind architecture. Many Wright houses and buildings he would later design exhibit detailed geometric clarity.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Prairie Houses in and around the city of Chicago buildings with low-lying ceilings, skylights, overhangs and terraces a style for which his name is now synonymous. Wright conceived every detail in his creations, from the external to the internal, from the chimney to the kitchen chair. Wright houses are the first credited as examples of an open plan. He is also known for practicing organic architecture, or using the natural elements around the site for the building materials. However, his most famous residential architecture is found in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. The former house is called Fallingwater and is now a museum.

Wright was also well known for having a colorful personal life that frequently made headlines, including the failure of his first two marriages, as well as a fire and murder at his studio in 1914. Even after his death in 1959, Wright s legacy and influence can be seen in innumerable buildings and houses across America and Europe.

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