Daniel Maclise (1806-1870)

Irish painter Daniel Maclise began his career painting portraits, but eventually gained success as a historical painter, many of scenes being based on literary sources, such as Procession of Shakespeare s Characters. Maclise was also commissioned to paint several large frescoes for the House of Lords in London based on grand themes and English heroes.

Born in Cork, Ireland, Maclise was anxious to become an artist. He attended the Cork institute where he began to draft based on sculptures based on the antiques at the Vatican. In 1825, the poet Sir Walter Scott was traveling in Ireland, and after Maclise saw him a bookshop, he sketched the poet, which he later lithographed. The resulting piece was so popular that Maclise was considered a celebrated artist and began to receive commissions for portraits almost immediately.

In 1827, Maclise began working as a caricaturist and painter in London; Maclise s caricatures are memorable because they were portraits of literary men and women. Local literary and artistic circles in Ireland influenced Maclise and he maintained his interest in Irish themes, which, at the time,were greatly influenced by the Romantic Movement.

David Lawrence Sculptor David Lawrence lives in Somerset England, where he draws upon local culture and folklore to sculpt his series of Greenmen, which include The Somerset Greenman and The Somerset Greenwoman.

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