Christa Kieffer

Christa Kieffer was born in Tubingen, Germany and studied extensively throughout Europe and the United States. Working primarily with oil on canvas, Kieffer uses glazes to create a luminous feeling and adds depth to her images of La Belle Epoque, the beautiful era. Kieffer draws upon her own experiences of living and working in Europe to depict the romance and excitement of these cities, particularly Paris, the City of Light.

Kieffer says that her paintings of Paris, such as An Elegant Evening Out, are of a gracious time, when the semblance of excitement and leisure still existed as small pleasures. In addition to the architectural splendor of the streets of Pairs, Kieffer depicts a community that is safe and full of unexpected encounters.

Kieffer particulary enjoys painting the transition of light during the dusk hours, such as in An Evening Out, when the streetlights and natural light of day are mingling together in anticipation. Kieffer travels to Paris frequently to find inspiration for her paintings.

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