Andrew Wyeth (b. 1917)

American art legend Andrew Wyeth is so widely popular that critics say his work communicates to the audience with an ease and fluency that amounts to genius. He is often called the Painter of the People because of his popularity with the American public.

Andrew Wyeth was born in Chadds End, Pennsylvania where he still lives and works. His father tutored him at home and taught him to paint. His father s death in 1945 was a formative, emotional event in Wyeth s artistic evolution. After this tragedy, Wyeth s paintings began to consolidate and take the enduring style for which he is known: a subdued range of colors, a high devotion to realism, and the depiction of emotionally charged symbolic objects.

Andrew Wyeth s favorite subjects are the landscapes and people around his hometown. Such realism can be seen in his most famous work, Christina s World, painted in 1948 and considered one of the most recognizable images in 20th century American art. This Wyeth painting depicts a young woman named Christina Olson who has an undiagnosed muscular deterioration that paralyzed the lower half of her body, dragging herself across the ground, perhaps to pick flowers from her garden

In an age of abstract art, Wyeth s commitment to realism brought both criticism as well as devotion. His works still fetch millions at galleries and his admirers maintain that underneath the illustration-style of works such as Master Bedroom, lies strong emotion, overt beauty and the abstraction characteristic of the 20th century.

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