Robert Pejman

Born in 1962, Pejman was surrounded by art and culture from an early age. The sone of an operatic composer and concert musician, he spent his early childhood in Vienna, and then by way of England and Iran moved to the United States in 1976. Pejman received a Bachelors of Arts degree from Rutgers College and also attended the New York Art Students League. Later he began studying art and painting with the world renowned Russian artist Anatoly Ivanov who is known for his elaborate classical style Ivanov influenced him to use the techniques of old masters such as Michelangelo and Rafael. Employing these almost forgotten techniques, Pejman adds elements of his own such as unique ancient architecture and an aura of fantasy and impression. Pejman's style is influenced by such artist as Sir Alma-Tedema, Thomas Cole, and Van Huysum. All of them sharing the attributes of technical mastery, form, and perspective. While the influence of these masters is evident in Pejman's works, it is through his unique arrangement and depiction of the subject matters that he achieves a distinctive style. One can almost classify his style as romantic realism, which he interestingly enough achieves by portraying beauty and solitude. Working with an acrylic medium on canvas, the artist employs a technique of combining impressionistic brush work with extremely detailed execution to bring certain objects in his works to near perfection. Pejman's paintings demonstrate his strive to create scenery which does not exist, as though he is depicting a parallel world.

SOURCE: B. Pejman Copyright 1992-95 All rights reserved.

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