Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916)

Rembrandt Bugatti was an Italian sculptor best known for his animal sculptures. As a child, Rembrandt worked in his father s art workshop in Milan, Italy. He successfully exhibited some bronze sculptures from this time in a local gallery.

In 1902, Rembrandt and his father moved to Paris where they lived in a community of artisans of all types. Rembrandt was surrounded and inspired by master artists of all disciplines essentially his entire life. While living in Paris, Rembrandt, who loved nature, spent much time studying the animals that were kept in the wildlife sanctuary Le Jardin de Plantes. He was often face to face with elephants, panthers, emus, hippopotami, wolves, vultures, lions, and other animals that later took form in his sculptures. Studying the life and movement of these creatures became the basis for his most famous works, especially the regal panthers and majestic elephants.

From 1907-1909, Rembrandt studied the Asian Elephants at the Antwerp Zoo, developing a penchant for the pachyderm and sculpting many elephants, including Elelphant Blanc Trompe Baisse.

Today, Rembrandt sculptures are highly priced and prized, fetching as much as 2.56 million at auction.

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