Monte M. Moore (b. 1971)

American artist Monte M. Moore works in the Gothic realm of dragons, gargoyles and other grotesque beasts, bringing them to a frightening realistic existence in his sculptures, furniture and other artwork. Moore originally set out to enter the world of medicine, but in 1993 decided to abandon his dreams of becoming a doctor, instead jumping into the world of comic books, fantasy, sci-fi and gaming. He has created many successful drawings and illustrations in these fields. Moore also is a self-proclaimed motorhead, as he owns, rides and collects motorcycles.Moore s award-winning sculptures bring his artistic visions to life in 3D magnificence. Sculptures such as Skull of the Horned Beast and Divinities of the Norse Pantheon blend legend and graveyard tales into Gothic art. He has also created works of furniture art, including the Warwickshire Dragon and The Dragon of Upminster tables.Moore also donates his time to seminars, teaching fantasy art techniques and other topics. He especially enjoys speaking at schools where young children and would-be artists of the world can be inspired to follow their dreams and become an artist.

"War Dragon" Wall Sculpture
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