Michael Taylor

Acclaimed mask artist Michael Taylor was born in America but now resides in Australia, where he operates and works out of a studio, creating intriguing and imaginative mask sculptures. The substantial beauty of Taylor s leather and bronze masks has earned him much-deserved praise and recognition, and worldwide art lovers feverishly collect his one-of-a-kind masks.

Michael Taylor began sculpting leather masks in 1978. In addition to being trained in art, Taylor also holds a degree in Marine Biology. Taylor credits his diverse education and many yachting adventures around the world as the main sources of inspiration for his creations.

Taylor s masks have been exhibited from California to Japan to Switzerland. Each unique leather mask is hand-crafted by Taylor in the Venetian style, including Torcello and Kallula, that evoke the high energy and vibrant colors of Carnival. Taylor has also sculpted numerous masks in bronze in addition to his leather oeuvre. Taylor s deftness in all forms of sculpture also led him to create substantial sculptures in bronze and steel that can be seen in his adopted home of Australia.

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