Lissa Calvert

Lissa Calvert has been painting and drawing wildlife from an early age. At seventeen she was illustrating books and has had many illustrations published. Her work has been commissioned for plates and figurines by the world famous Goebel of Germany. She has worked as an art director for film and television, and had her work tour to museums and public galleries from coast to coast with prominent sponsorships such as Imperial Oil. Lissa?s work hangs in museums and galleries internationally, and she has had numerous exhibits. However, she has maintained a fascination with nature that draws her to portray its complexity and harmony from first-hand experience. Lissa considers the intimate experience of actually sighting the animal she is painting as an important aspect of her work; “You must see the creature to get it right, even if it’s only for a few seconds, but it’s that vivid mental image that stays with you. This permanent photo in the mind is indispensable.....” SOURCE: "Lissa Clavert"

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