Lin Wei Dung

Lin Wei Dung is a ceramic artist renowned for his delicate, softly colored sculptures. A master of Asian Decor, he has been making and selling his figurines for nearly 30 years, creating a reputation for exquisite detail and superb workmanship in his hometown of Guangzhou, China.

Facing little competition, due the difficulty involved in sculpting the graceful fingertips and traditional dress of his fine porcelain figurines, the works of Master Lin Wei Dung and his brother Master Lin Wei Ho have enjoyed much success both at home and abroad.

Lin Wei Dung s style is more conventional than his bother s, featuring birds and placing women in more traditional roles with very subtle, demure postures that make them appear even more delicate. His dainty sculptures include Bird Lady, Taking Tea and The Wings of Peace.

But it is not only his style that creates such high demand for his floral art; it is also the careful process involved in finishing the individual pieces.

Working with fired porcelain takes a great deal of skill, not only due to the myriad tiny details that are involved in Lin Wei Dung s figurines, but also because the firing process can be complicated and many pieces are easily destroyed at this stage. It is for these reasons, style and fine quality, that his delicate collectibles are so highly coveted.

Design Toscano is proud to be one of the few catalogs in the US to offer the meticulously hand-painted porcelain sculptures of Lin Wei Dung we hope you enjoy exploring his entire collection as much as we enjoyed discovering it!

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