Jeff Coleman

Jeff Coleman has been an artist since the age of six. His interests are wide ranged, from the paintings of the old masters, surrealism, sculpting, and special effects makeup.

Jeff Coleman s sculptures and paintings are based on fact, myth and mystical legends of the Renaissance period. Classically trained in the arts, his dragons and gothic gargoyles are sometimes based on ancient relics and at other times are one of kind originals.

Leo the Laughing Gargoyle is an example of Coleman s skill at interweaving his motley interests, and his collections areas available exclusively through Design Toscano.

American born Jeff Coleman s work can be seen in the Frank Collection, a book put out by Jane and Howard Frank, collectors of the world s finest fantastic art, and on the Smithsonian Museum s tour of their collection.

Coleman has also worked with special effects makeup wizard Tom Savini on his production of the play Dracula, and his sculpture work can be seen on the TV s Tales from the Darkside.

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