Jeanne McDougall

Artist Jeanne McDougall has enjoyed great success as a designer of ceramics, glass, enamel and textiles. After earning a Master s Degree in Ceramic Design from Stoke on Trent, England (Home of the "potteries"), McDougall soon took on a major design role within various world-famous English ceramic companies.

Influenced and inspired by Art Nouveau, flora and fashion, Jeanne McDougall's designs have commanded high prices, and her creations are highly sought-after all around the world. Her sensitivity and understanding of form, surface pattern, hand painting, and tube lining combined with an exciting and vibrant color palette make her designs distinctively unique and sought after by loyal collectors.

Jeanne McDougall s designs are often described as fresh, original and vivacious, with many followers claiming her designs are today's collectibles, tomorrow s valued antiques.

Design Toscano is proud to offer her collectible, porcelain vases, such as Dragonfly and Peacock s Plumage.

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