Giuseppe Acacia

Medio Evo was born twenty years ago out of the great vocation of Giuseppe Acacia for the Middle Ages, the knights and their battles and the objects of the past. From that intuition and passion a company was born, Medio Evo di Acacia Giuseppe & C. s.n.c., which, through that time, has known how to quench the thirst of a growing number of history-lovers via its objects of unexceptionable quality. Through the passing years the Medio Evo project has developed ever-increasing contours and characteristics. On the one hand, by being able to satisfy clients demands, not only with Medio Evo productions, but also with the best of their reproductions of ancient weaponry and objects inspired by past and fantasy the world over. On the other, by being aware of existing as a reference point, not only from a company or production point of view, but also as a strongly-linked historical and cultural base for traditions of the Umbrian territory. It is for these reasons that in 2001 Acacia Giuseppe s.r.l. was formed, with the aim to promote and diffuse sensations linked to the past and to history, to myth and fantasy through their best world-wide productions and through the exchange of ideas between field experts and lovers of history.

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