Clodion (1738-1814)

French sculptor Claude Michel, known as Clodion, worked mostly in terracotta, sculpting nymphs, satyrs, bacchantes and other classical figures as sensual subjects, such as Reclining Nude. He also decorated candelabra, clocks and vases.

Clodion first studied sculpting in the workshop of his uncle, Jean Baptiste-Pigalle. After winning the Prix de Rome, he moved to Italy, where he sculpted in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. It was in Italy where Clodion began creating terracotta sculptures considered art themselves, rather than simply models for grander statues.

Clodion created light-hearted terracotta sculptures in the Rococo style, such as Maiden s Dance of Spring, and later in life merged into the Neoclassical style when it became popular, working on major public monuments in Paris.

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