Bruno Zach

An Austrian sculptor, he was a prolific creator of tall, athletic, independent women in bronze and bronze and ivory. He produced highly sophisticated women dressed in leather trouser suits, insolently smoking cigarettes, high kicking can-can dancers, proud amazons, bathers clearly capable of swimming the Channel both ways without a pause, huntresses who barely needed their spear to bring down their prey. He produced couples, dancing an erotic tango in which the two bodies almost fused or a farming couple back from the fields, confidently exchanging smiles of affection; kinky images of women in slips or gartered stockings holding whip or riding crop, swirling skirted girls fighting in the wind, haughty women naked beneath a parted fur coat. He showed both the healthy, outdoor pursuits and the dream mistresses of sado-masochistic Berlin, Vienna and Paris between the wars. He also executed a small number of explicitly erotic figures. His bronze is occasionally patinated, most often cold painted. His use of ivory is spare, and always well-carved. His works were edited by several firms, including Argentor-Werke of Vienna, the Broma Companie, S Altman & Co and Bergmann. A number of his figures were imported to the United States. Several of his figures were adapted as lamps, often with cameo glass shades by Arsall. The variant signature B Zack is sometimes found.

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