Antonio Oliani

Antonio Oliani was born in Soleto, Italy. When he was very young, he joined a craftsman shop where he learned the exquisite handicraft that since 1700 has made Soleto a renowned and lively production center.

In December 1985, he set up a craftsman studio in Bologna where his romantic leather masks and papier-mch works are hand-crafted. In fact, the artist s personal favorite creation is a mask entitled Notte, which is a combination of leather and papier-mch.

Antonio Oliani s masks are small steps into the darkness of the conscious: abstract forms outline the face as nightmares and dreams and are created as a result of the natural sense between matter and creator. Creativity and craftsmanship are the beginning of Oliani s genius. His objective is to create quality works of art that remain faithful to original concepts, while still learning more about the craft to produce unique results.

Making a single mask can be challenging. The leather must be squeezed, folded, thrashed, and the air inside is expelled to harden the shape and to make first-rate manufactured masks. Thankfully, Antonio Oliani is dedicated to quality and efficiency in all his artistic endeavors.

Currently, Antonio Oliani lives in a rural and generous area of Italy where he has opened another studio for the creation of his masterpieces, including Farfalla and La Maschera Della Musica.

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