Candle Holders

Whatever your decorating style, nothing complements your home decor quite like our uniquely designed candle holders. We offer breathtaking candelabras, candlesticks, and even sculptural wall sconces, perfect for lining a grand hallway.

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Chartres Cathedral Gothic Candlestick: Grande
European Scroll-Footed Candlesticks: Grande Set of Two
Egyptian Attendants to the Gods Sculptural Candleholders: Set of Two
Angels of Virtue Sculptural Candleholders
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The Cherub's Harvest Clock and Candelabra Ensemble
Castle Dragon Iron Wall Sconce
Judging the Darkness Dragon Candleholder
Elephant Sculptural Wall Sconce
What's New
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Malbark Castle Gothic Floor Candelabra
"Shadow of Darkness: Skull and Bones" Sculptural Candlesticks Set of Two
European Scroll-Footed Candlesticks: Grande Set of Two
Shadow of Doom: Skull and Bones Sculptural Candlestick