During the hottest time of the year, all we want to do is keep cool. We want to enjoy the gorgeous weather, but need a reprieve from the heat and humidity. Dreaming of a beach vacation where you can dip your toes in the cool, refreshing water? We have the next best thing! Make your summer feel tropical with fun and exotic pieces to enjoy while outside soaking up the sun. Say 'Aloha' to a fun Tiki-style fountain. Mermaid statues add whimsy, and tropical themed-decor with their bright colors liven up every summer party. Please the Tiki Gods with decor in their honor, and if you need to go inside to stay cool, bring the beach with you with our indoor tropical decor! Embrace the heat and enjoy the tropics with Design Toscano!

We at Design Toscano pride ourselves in attention to detail. By traveling directly to the source for all the historical replicas we represent, over 90% of our products are exclusive to the Design Toscano brand. This allows us to present unique items unavailable anywhere else. Design Toscano offers specialty home and garden decor, reproduction furniture, wall decor, indoor statues, garden statues, and exotic, one-of-a-kind home accents and gifts.

Founded in 1990, Design Toscano has also introduced a broad collection of themed products, including but not limited to angels, animals, dragons & gargoyles, Egyptian, medieval & gothic, fountains, and classic statues. Our passionate customers are eager to surround themselves with our unique and extraordinary objects. Today, we have over 6,000 items available online. And of course, our distinctive catalog can still be delivered to your door.

Many Design Toscano products have been featured in the SkyMall in-flight catalog, and a number of our creations have become famous in national broadcast, print, and social media, including our iconic Garden Yeti, unforgettable Zombie of Montclaire Moors, and renowned Globe Bar. At Design Toscano, you can expect the extraordinary for your home and garden.